~Bid Now! Rountrip Tickets From Hong Kong To Moscow~

Special Gift Voucher for 2 roundtrip tickets from Hong Kong to Moscow

Starting Bid: HKD2,500 per ticket

**present tax + fuel surcharge = HKD1,400

Closing Date & Time : Hong Kong Time 23:55, 21July 2008

Email: promo@anytours.com.hk

The message MUST include:
1. Your full legal name
2. Your contact details, including telephone number, e-mail address
3. The amount of your bid in Hong Kong Dollars
4. The number of ticket you are bidding for
Product Description–

Airline: Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Route: Hong Kong – Moscow – Hong Kong
Ticket Type: Economy Class
No. of Ticket Available: 2 Roundtrip tickets
Validity: Till 31 Dec 2008 excluding the period of embargo
Terms & Conditions:

•  Ticket is valid for travel on scheduled Aeroflot Russian Airlines flights only
•  Ticket must be used before 31 Dec 2008 excluding the period of embargo
•  Taxes and any other fees imposed by the airport authorities etc. must be paid in full by the holder of this ticket
•  Departure/ arrival dates cannot be changed once the ticket is issued
•  Value of the ticket is not refundable

The winner will be contacted individually for payment & collection details.