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Opened in 1977, Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong's perennially popular attractions, providing an exciting mix of entertainment, education and conservation facilities. The 80-hectare (200-acre) park, situated on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, features rides, exhibits and facilities around a hillside. Different parts of the part are connected by a cable car system which offers spectacular views in the journey as well as world's second longest outdoor escalator. The marine-themed amusement park is ranked seven in 'The World's Most Popular Amusement Parks'by Forbes in June 2006.

New and fun-filled entertainment facilities are introduced from time to time and a major refurbishment is underway. The latest attraction is Southeast Asia's first see jelly aquarium, featuring the most amazing selection of beautiful jellyfish from all over the world. Other popular additions have been the Mine Train, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat, Amazing Amazon, the Flying Swing and the Film Fantasia Simulator Ride.

There are six different areas in Ocean Park: Headlands Rides, Adventure Land, Marine Land, Lowland Gardens, Kids' World and Bird Paradise.
Admission Ticket
Ocean Park
Headlands Rides

•  The Dragon
Twist, turn and loop in this steel maze designed to hurl you at hurricane speeds. It's Hong Kong's roller coaster experience.

•  The Abyss Turbo Drop
Ocean Park's latest thrill raises you up, and drops you straightdown in free fall. Making 5 Secs seem like a lifetime.

•  Flying Swing
Spinning and gyrating, you're lifted up seven meters for a classic good time.

•  The Eagle
It's a heat-stopping, mind-blowing swirl which leaves you screaming~!

•  Ferris Wheel
Board the gondolas and be raised high on this family favourite. The 24 meter wheel offers stunning views of the South China Sea.

•  Crazy Galleon

•  Headland Games

Adventure Land

•  Mine Train
Enter the wild west and hop aboard a train that's out of control. The Dragon may loop. But this one's got the drops and the turns to put your stomach in your throat again and again.

•  Raging River
This river is mad as heck. And you have to ride it. Your boat navigates you through narrow ravines, twisting turns and a can't miss vertical drop reaching speeds of over 58 km per hour. Cool off and laugh like crazy!

•  Space Wheel
Test your astronaut skills on this hair-raising, vertical orbit experience

•  Ocean Park Escalator
Stretching from Pacific Pier on down to middle kingdom and Bird Paradise, traversing Adventure land. At 224 m (745ft), it is the second longest outdoor escalator in the world.

Marine Land

•  Pacific Pier
One of Ocean Park's newest attractions takes you to the coast of California. Get up close and personal with the 20 resident seals and sea Lions.

•  Atoll Reef
The Atoll Reef has been designed with Indo-Pacific Coral Island theme. It is home to around 2,500 fishes, sharks and from close to 300 species, including Bowmouth Guitarfish (Rhina ancylostoma), Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari), Cownose Ray (Rhinoptera javanica) and Black spotted Sting Ray (Taeniura melanospila) which has successfully reproduced their second generation at the Park.

•  Shark Aquarium
Here you'll come face to face with 70 sharks from 35 species as you travel through Asia's first underwater tunnel. Watch them as they glide over head, and learn about every species, including the rare species Ocean Park has been able to breed in cativity. You'll never be this close to a shark again!

•  Ocean Theater
Intelligent dolphins and adorable sea lions team up with their trainers to amaze the crowds. Get your seats while you can. It's a hugely popular marine mammal spectacular.

•  Ocean Park Tower
Extraordinary vistas reveal as you rise 72 meters and enjoy the stunning view of South China Sea. Gently rotating through 360 degrees, its an awe inspiring view from the top.

•  Sea Jelly Spectacular
More than 1000 sea jellies of all sizes, shapes and colours from all over the world have found a new home in this all-new jellyfish exhitbit at Ocean Park! Designed with the latest technology in lighting, music and multimedia special effects to enhance your experience, Sea Jelly Spectacular offers a amazing and beautiful undersea creature. Get ready for a journey of exploration, fun and thrill!

Lowland Gardens

•  Giant Panda Habitat
Giant Pandas Le Le, Ying Ying, An An and Jia Jia are ready to meet you there. Let's visit them and learn about these highly endangered animals!

•  Sky Fair
Come and experience the joy and thrill of SkyFair that takes you to greater heights! Catch a ride on the helium balloon that is 22 meters in diameter and will soar 100 meters into the air and provide you with a most breathtaking view of the majestic southern side of Hong Kong!

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